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Preserve your flowers forever in a hexagon art piece! This item requires you to send me your fresh bouquet or pre-dried flowers. Please contact me prior to purchase to work out the details and timeline for your project.

This project will take a few months to complete from the date I receive your flowers. 8" x 7" hexagon fits about 4-6 medium sized flowers; 10" x 9” hexagon fits about 7-9 medium sized flowers. Thickness can vary by 1", depending on the fullness of your flowers. By purchasing this item, you are confirming that you understand all info in my FAQs.

This project will take a few months from start to finish. This piece is intended to preserve your flowers so that they can be viewed for many years and hopefully throughout generations, as opposed to just a few days. Ambering will occur over time. All flowers are unique and dry/cast differently.

Dimensions: 5 inch